Chic Eclair Kit

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The desire for innovation and contemporaneity is also applied to the design of a dessert with an irresistible charm, which breaks the rules of traditional pastry. The Chic Éclair Kit consists of two silicone elements: a mould to make the base and another dedicated to the preparation of the decoration or, why not, an original insert. The cavities of the moulds of the Chic Éclair Kit of the 3Design are equipped with a revolutionary internal border that gives a slight rounded shape to the base of your preparations. The Chic Éclair Kit guarantees impeccable results not only in the semifreddo and mousse version, but also in the cooked version.


130mm x 38mm x 44mm
Vol. Cavity. 140ml
Total Vol.  840ml


Usable across a temperature range from – 60°C  + 230°C.
Can be cleaned in the dishwasher
Can be taken from the oven/microwave and placed immediately in the fridge freezer and vice versa.
If bent, the mould will regain its shape.
Mould does not release odour during cooking.
All materials used are tested in accordance with the Foods Standards Agency.
Materials used conform with EU standards

Mould Care

You may also see white or coloured spots appear on the mould’s surface, if particular ingredients such as cocoa butter or tomato sauce are used. To eliminate such stains, simply place them in the oven (without any dough) for about one hour at a temperature of 200-220 ° C.

The moulds can go straight into the dishwasher after use. We recommend that you do not use aggressive cleaners, brighteners or perfumers while washing moulds in the dishwasher. This may cause a white patina to surface on the mould, this could alter the food’s flavours. The good news, the safety of the mould is not compromised. Same as above, place the mould in the oven (without any dough) for about one hour at a temperature of 200-220 ° C.

Sharp objects are not to be used with the moulds as this may pierce/damage the mould.