The Original Dutch Oven

We are excited to have parntered with Combekk, the makers of the original dutch oven, MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS.

COMBEKK is an anomaly: a Dutch company that makes all of its core range of ovens in the Netherlands. While the original method of sand-casting iron to make heavyweight pots originated in 17th century Holland, there hadn’t been a Dutch manufacturer of these tight-lidded cooking vessels since the 1970s. Then COMBEKK, based in Breda near the Belgian border, began making ovens entirely out of recycled metal 3 years ago.

Quality of Dutch origin

A cast iron pan is called a “Dutch Oven” across the globe. The name “Dutch Oven” refers to a manufacturing technique in which molten iron is poured into a sand mold. The Dutch invented this technique and therefore we are very proud that we are the only brand casting our top range in the Netherlands. A Dutch Oven from the Netherlands, as it should be!

100% Recycled

Iron never loses it's quality. Thats why Combekk choose's to work with 100% recycled material. With a proper furnace and a balanced mix of materials COMBEKK can deliver the best quality without digging even one iron ore. 

Each cast iron product has a stamp which is the main ingredient of the recycled materials on the bottom of each pan. Look at the bottom of your pan and find out what is has been. A train track? Bike frames?

The Dutch Oven and Fry Pans we have arriving in March come from the rail edition. We will be bringing the Double Handle Fry Pan Bike Edition later in 2021.

The COMBEKK Bike Edition, a double-handed Fry pan is manufactured from the well-known Amsterdam stray bikes!

Shackled with a padlock to a bridge post, at the bottom of the gate or folded around a lamppost; the Amsterdam city cleaning service collects more than 120,000. aabandoned bicycles every year. That gave Combekk founder Mark Suurbier the idea to create a new, very Amsterdam edition of his worldwide renowned pans.

Mark Suurbier says: "What few people know is that the steel bicycle frames are extremely suitable for cooking applications. By mixing it correctly with other recycled steel, perfect heat conduction is guaranteed, but it is of course especially the story behind it that appeals enormously. Those bicycles represent the freedom and eccentricity that Amsterdam is known for throughout the world. And we are now giving them a second life. "

COMBEKK is making the cookware industry more sustainable and we are excited to join them on this journey.  With 100% recycled cookware, they are creating homeware that is sustainable while keeping a close eye on design and functionality.

COMBEKK Homeware is quality of Dutch origin.